Thursday, November 15, 2012

moving on

am glad

i've done something i'd never thought i would. something risky....

well, atleast for me.

however, i wasn't as hurt as i thought. maybe bcoz i was too prepared for it? wallahhualam.

maybe bcoz i'm so used to running away, i thought that confrontation was something out of my reach, out of my capability. (over the top, i know)

but now, i've done it! i've faced my problem! although the result weren't in my favour, surprisingly i'm allright. like seriously, i'm ok. i don't feel crying, i feel absolutely relieved actually. heh. i feel like i can face anything now, datangla masalah pe pun, i can face it! (ok, over lg sekali, sorry)

oh, SALAM MAAL HIJRAH! in which i think come just at the right moment. just when i needed to move on the most. sudah2la dengan kalau ini, kalau itu. just move forward. i mean it JUST MOVE FORWARD. (ye, kena ulang & di'caps lock'kn) this however, doesn't mean that i'll forget everything that had happenned, but rather than menyesal-non-stop-thinking-u-can-do-better-blablabla i'd like to take pengajaran from all of it. promised myself that i wont ever make that same mistake. always be thankful with what i have now and always know that everything happened for a reason. 

u know what, i think i'm getting better at telling people what i feel. i mean, meluahkn perasaan yg terbuku, instead of just keeping it to yourself, which can drive u crazy. *ayat xle blah. i can open up to people better now. and i'm quite happy about that *pat myself in the back. mcm adik kata "luahkan je sampai habis, sampai takde apa da tinggal" and it really did me good. thanxla sis! ;)