Thursday, February 7, 2013

of me and kpop and songs

bape kali asyik tergerak nk post pasal favourite spot to eat bile makan2 dengan siblings 
or my love for my 'cute collection' when i'm wearing/looking at them 
or my list of favourite food when i'm eating them (duh), u know happy-post-dan-yang-sewaktu-dengannya. tapi bile bukak blog je, feel nk letak mende2 koyak je. maybe next time ye, "happy post". 

ye, jom layan lagu koyak bersama fatihah. 

chillax, its just a song, doesn't mean every lyric reflects my feelings.
maybe some, take your pick

u dont know how tempted i was to post these songs on my facebook, i'm glad i have my blog.heh