Sunday, December 18, 2011

comel gile boleh x~

p/s: rasa mcm nk clarify post kt bwh ni. coz of course u learn something from it. ade je yang mcm nasihat tp time tgh 'hot' fikir emo kite je kan, lepas da abes emo baru fikir akan rasionalnya advice itu. eh, i'm actually clarifying it right now. actually there's more, tp malas nk tulis. oh well, cheers :)

x rase ke sweet gile laki tu? best gileeeeeeeeee. lol.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

tired of holding it all in

oh, so i'm not allowed to be angry????
i dont have the right to be upset????
i'm not allowed to follow my feelings which i only potray once in a blue moon??
kadang2 penat nk kawal, pretending ur happy when ur not. pretending to be strong when ur not
tired of being pushed around, doing things i dont wanna do. (but, i think its my fault really sbb x btaw my true feelings, i guess i dont wanna hurt their feelings even for a tiny bit & nk sedapkan hati diorg) but, in the end diri sendiri yg berkonflik dalaman.
i'm human too

of course, i can't expect semua orang to understand me
all i'm hoping is for them to respect my decision

susah kalo semua orang rasa die betul
if u do that,then what does that make me?

Don’t waste your time explaining. people only hear what they want to hear

sori 4 da emo post. like i said, i'm only human. it is impossible to make everyone happy. this is juz me, melepaskan rasa hati which kadang2 i find it very hard to do so to people. again, sorry